Vanessa Li (b. 1995) is a self-taught travel and documentary photographer from Hong Kong, a colonial city where the East meets West. After graduating from university in 2018, she started capturing 100 individuals working different street jobs across Hong Kong as her first street photography project. (Hong Kong: 100 people, 100 street jobs) Apart from documentary photography, she is also passionate about human rights stories.

Best described as approachable and tenacious, Vanessa’s innate ability to cross language barriers and curiosity to new cultures further drive her to travel solo, befriend locals, and capture many’s stories through intimate portraitures. In 2019, she landed a job as cabin crew in an international airline to stretch her opportunities to photograph on a global scale. In 2020, she started working on a photo project “Markets Worldwide” as she is fervent about understanding different cultures through looking at people's daily life and environments and believes that local markets are the true reflection of that. 

"It is not right, it is not wrong, it is just different."

Equality is the foundation of Vanessa's open-minded and judgment-free approach to photography and human interactions. She combines both aesthetics and authenticity in her work to unravel cultural stereotypes and social issues. Instead of solely highlighting tragedies and troubles, she aspires to help her audiences to see the world without prejudice and encourage them to challenge injustice by seeking out solutions and taking actions. She also wants to use her work to embrace and celebrate the beauty of diversity. 

If not exploring the world for new stories, Vanessa can usually be found spending time with her friends and family in Hong Kong. She is available for commissioned work and assignments globally.

李凱晴(Vanessa),1995年出生於香港。2018年大學畢業後,自學成才,成為旅遊和寫實攝影師。同年,開始她第一份攝影項目,「一百種人 一百種工作 一百種生活 」,拍攝在香港從事不同街頭工作的人。除了寫實攝影,她還熱衷於人權故事。





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